Explore TPO Roof Systems at Roofing Center, your reliable St. Louis, St. Charles, and St. Peters roofing expert. TPO, or Thermoplastic Polyolefin, makes waves for its energy efficiency, fungal resistance, UV stability, and impressive long-lasting performance. Let’s uncover the advantages of this roofing solution to see if it fits your facility and budget.

Introducing SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) Roofing for Commercial Buildings

SPF Roofing

SPF roofing offers a distinct and innovative approach to roofing. These systems are lightweight, non-toxic, durable, and weather-resistant. With SPF roofs, you can save on installation costs, as roof tear-off isn’t always necessary, and you can effortlessly cover complex contours and intricate architectural elements.

The Essence of SPF Roofing

SPF roof systems consist of two liquid chemical compounds, isocyanate, and polyol, applied with pressure and heat. Upon contact, they create the foundation for an adhered roof system. A protective surface is added to the foam to enhance its resilience against the elements. Developed in the late 1960s, SPF systems have stood the test of time and remain highly popular in commercial roofing.

Budget-Friendly SPF Roofing

One of SPF roofs’ standout features is their ease of roof overs. If your existing installation is still in good condition, as determined by your roofing contractor, foam systems can be applied seamlessly over your roof, helping you maintain your budget. SPF systems also significantly save your heating and cooling expenses thanks to their exceptional insulating properties. 

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Benefits of SPF Roofing

Waterproofing and Air-Sealing

SPF systems offer seamless roofing with no need for fasteners. This significantly reduces the risk of roof leaks, as water infiltration often occurs at seams. Additionally, SPF can insulate cracks and weak points in your building's structure, enhancing overall protection.

Effortless installation

SPF is a self-adhering roofing system that minimizes installation costs and lead time. It's perfect for those dealing with unpredictable weather and tight deadlines.

Exceptional Insulation

SPF roof systems boast the highest R-value (a measure of heat resistance) among roofing materials. This results in substantial energy savings and provides excellent sound insulation.


SPF systems excel at waterproofing hard-to-reach areas, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Environmental impact

SPF roofs are an eco-friendly solution, preserving existing roof installations and eliminating the need for roof tear-offs and material waste.

Resilience to the Elements

These systems are waterproof and highly resistant to hail and wind damage, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Installing Commercial Spray Foam Roofing

SPF is applied as a liquid, transforming into foam upon contact. It conforms to tight spaces, awkward roof angles, and unique architectural features like domes. Our commercial roofing solutions are implemented quickly with minimal disruption to your business. The chemical compounds dry rapidly, allowing you to walk on your new installation within minutes. However, it’s crucial to note that specific weather conditions must be met during installation. SPF roofing cannot be applied in cold, windy, or rainy conditions.

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