Garden Roofs

Garden Roofs for Commercial Buildings

The trend of incorporating green spaces on commercial and industrial rooftops is rising, particularly in urban areas. These garden roofs serve various purposes, ranging from enhancing aesthetics to even growing food. However, their most significant advantages lie in their positive environmental impact, temperature control benefits, and contribution to reducing the heat island effect.

What Is a Green or Rooftop Garden Roof?

Green or rooftop garden roofs are rooftop installations designed with landscaping in mind. They consist of several layers, including a waterproof foundation deck, root barrier, drainage layers, soil substrates, and vegetation, creating a multi-level extension of your space.

Types of Commercial Garden Roof Systems


These garden roofs are precisely planned and designed, featuring plants and shrubs with a minimum soil depth of six inches. While they offer extensive greenery, they place a heavier load on the roof and require ongoing care, including irrigation and fertilization.


With a lighter load on the roof and a soil depth ranging from three to six inches, extensive garden roofs typically use smaller plants. They come with lower maintenance demands, reduced nutrient needs, and minimal irrigation requirements.

Benefits of Rooftop Gardens

Rooftop gardens offer a range of advantages for your commercial building:


Energy savings

Providing extra insulation, rooftop gardens help you maintain a comfortable indoor temperature with less reliance on heating and cooling systems.


Increased property value

If you have plans to sell or rent your commercial property, a rooftop garden can enhance its overall value and appeal.


Roof membrane protection

The layers of a rooftop garden act as a shield, safeguarding your roof membrane from UV radiation, freeze-thaw cycles, and temperature fluctuations, extending its lifespan.


Fire resistance

The presence of soil, rocks, and other fire-resistant materials in rooftop gardens adds an extra layer of fire protection to your building, enhancing safety measures.


Healthier environment

Rooftop gardens can significantly reduce electromagnetic radiation and noise pollution, especially low-frequency noise. They also improve the visual aesthetics of your building and can serve as a communal green space.

How Garden Roofs Combat The Urban Heat Island Phenomenon

City centers often experience a concerning rise in temperatures, known as the urban heat island phenomenon. This creates an unhealthy environment with pollution and smog. Rooftop green spaces, like garden roofs, are crucial in mitigating this issue. The vegetation on garden roofs absorbs UV energy, preventing it from turning into heat. Additionally, plants’ dew and evaporation cycles cool natural air, while photosynthesis reduces greenhouse gases.

Enhance your Facility's Environmental Impact With Green Roofs


Reduced energy consumption

Garden roofs help regulate your facility's temperature, reducing the strain on power grids during peak seasons.


Waste reduction

Garden roofs protect your roof membrane and extend the life of your heating and cooling systems. They also incorporate recycled materials, reducing waste sent to landfills.


Improved air quality

The vegetation on garden roofs acts as a natural filter, removing pollutants from the air and increasing oxygen levels.


Stormwater management

Garden roofs' growing substrates store rainwater, which the plants utilize and release back into the air through evaporation and transpiration. This gradual water use also eases the burden on your roof's drainage systems and public sewers during heavy rains and storms.


Sustainability and Education

Depending on your building's purpose, you can transform your garden roof into an educational or urban agriculture space, aligning with your company's sustainability goals.

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